Sonyliv Shark Tank India Online Registration Details 2021

Sonyliv Shark Tank India Online Registration Details 2021 (First Indian Business Idea Show)

Shark Tank might be new to India but not to the world. That’s right; this is a famous American TV show that shows interesting concepts to its viewers. Now, because of SonyLiv, even Indian fans have the opportunity to enjoy this. From its debut promo on 22nd June this year, many eagerly are searching for the details for the show. This is a great platform for entrepreneurs to show their talents to the world.

shark tank india registration

From what’s the show about to its registration details, you will find everything here. So, keep reading to know more.

What is Shark Tank?

In simple terms, this is a business reality show that has been around since August 2009. And, it has a long success record with 12 seasons. Here, the emerging entrepreneurs show their ideas to get investors or sharks to invest in them. With that said, those sharks or investors are good at spotting defects in an entrepreneur’s business plan.

Shark Tank India Registration Details

Since this show is by SonyLiv, you can register for this from their app only. Just follow the below steps to finish your registration in no time.

  1. First, download the app SonyLiv on your phone.
  2. Next, log into the application.
  3. Search for the show Shark Tank India using the portal.
  4. After this, a page will appear. On the page, find the option to register for the show.
  5. Once you click on register, it will take you to another new page. Here, enter your correct details.
  6. Finally, click submit after you complete it.

How will they select a participant?

The complete process can take some time because the show authorities need to go through all the applications from India. Once selected, they get help from the sharks to run their business. The main objective of the sharks is to acquire a new company. That is why they invest. The idea of the entrepreneurs needs to be strongly convincing that the Shark Tank team will love to invest.

Release date of the show

As of now, the date of release is not certain – even though the registration process has commenced. Meanwhile, let’s wait for further updates.

There is no doubt that this is a place for budding entrepreneurs to show their skills and talent. So, just use the above tips to make your dream come true.

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