Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana on Star Plus- Serial Storyline, Star Cast, Telecast Timings, Wiki and More

Star Plus is bringing a new serial ‘Zingegi Mere Ghar Aana’ in August 2021. The title itself gives an impression of emotional drama. The show is being produced by Zama Habib under the banner of Qissago Telefilm. The show is helmed by Rahib Siddiqui who presents stories in a way that struck the chord of the audience.

Storyline- Though Star Plus has not yet revealed any details about the storyline but from the released promo it’s perspicacious that the theme is based upon the acknowledgement of the remarriage system in our social dynamic.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Serial

From the promo, it seems that the story revolves around Amrita and Pritam. Amrita a convivial lady with pleasant demure whereas Pritam is the polar opposite an uptight, undemonstrative man.  Amrita is a widow and pregnant who has rented a part of her house and Pritam is her tenant. There is no sign of despair in Amrita, she appears to be calm and happy. Amrita opens the window and welcomes the ray of the sun with a smile but Pritam shuts the window and likes to exercise in dark.

This elucidates the story is going to usher in warm bonding between protagonists.

The promo has already whetted down curiosity among the viewers.

Star Cast- Hasan Zaidi and Esha Kansars are going to portray the leads as Pritam and Amrita for the show.

Sudhir Panday, Anita Kanwal, Ishaan Dhawan, Ankit Narang, Shweta Gautam, Preeti Mishra, Dolly Chawala, Rajeev Mehra, Shwati Shah, Kiran Karmakar, Adarsh Gautam, Gagan Gupta, Subhangi Latkar, Chesta Mehta, Abhisekh Soni, Daksh Sharma, Sulbha Araya, Nakul Vaid, Jinal Jain and Kunal Singh Jerath will be seen in various character roles.

  • Telecast Timings- The show will probably replace ‘Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani’ in the time slot and air from Monday to Saturday at 7 pm. It will also stream on Disney + Hotstar.
  • Channel Name– Star Plus
  • Serial Name- Zindegi Mere Ghar Aana
  • Genre- Drama
  • Date of premier- Date of primier has not yet been reaveled.
  • Telecast Timing- Monday to Saturday 7pm

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